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Kassandra Rotariu with her familyprosport.ro: Kassandra is four years old. She believes in Santa Claus, but especially in miracles. For the first time in her short life, she feels what Christmas really means, thanks to the Rotariu family.

A year and four months ago, the former international football player Rotariu Iosif and his wife Dana, decided to adopt a little girl. They decided on the spot, without discussion, just a look, and that blurred with tears. Kassandra was just a little meat ball crushed by her own relatives. Abandoned by parents, she was left in care of her grandmother, who savagely beat her for months. Kassandra finally reached the hospital, immobilized and terribly weak. Kassandra a ajuns în cele din urmă la spital, imobilizată şi cumplit de slabă. "The forensic investigation shows that there was no spot on her body that where left untouched. She had been burned with cigarettes and poured sulfuric acid on her face.", says Dana Rotariu.
Found through the church
How did the Rotariu family heard about the situation of Kassandra Rotariuthis little girl? "I received a call from a psychologist lady. She had a desperate voice, asked me to go to see a girl about she heard by chance at the hairdresser.
We found her through the church. They searched for a family that would take care of her. She was ready to been released from the hospital and she had nowhere to go, because she was confined to bed. None of the child care services would take her!", says Dana Rotariu.

Three operations costs 100,000 euro
Within a year and four months, the little girl has undergone 24 surgeries, because she had many broken bones. Even now she is unable to use her hands and a leg and her jaw requires immediate surgery.
So far the Rotariu family spent 40,000 euro but the hardest part is only now beginning. Kassandra needs three interventions which can only take place in Strasbourg. In the tv show "Dăruieşti şi câştigi" on Pro TV she received 4,000 euro but this is only a small part from the 100,000 euro needed.
"For the operation of the jaw, we need 5,000 euro, which means three days of hospitalization plus the intervention. Every operation costs 30,000 euro.
I hope to raise money, because our little Kassandra has a guardian angel that guided her to us." said Dana Rotariu.
Kassandra prepares for her first real Christmas. She put her shoes under the tree, a larger shoe and a smaller one because of her. She laughs and says poetry ... Rotariu saved an angel.

At first, doctors said I am crazy, I do not know what I am getting into. Now, I can say that we are a happy family. Dana Rotariu, adoptive mother
"Nightmares every hour"
Kassandra Rotariu
Kassandra Emanuela Cristiana so was she baptized at the church, of pity, when she was six months old. Her adoptive mother showed us pictures from the day she found her at the hospital. She was immobilized to bed, just skin and bone, the doctors fed her through an infusion. Now, the daughter in the picture is playing and laughing with her brother Christian, there is almost no resemblance. "In the first six months I did not sleep at all. She woke up crying, having nightmares every hour. When she was brought in she had wounds in the backside." says Joseph Rotariu.
What is osteomyelitis

Kassandra is suffering from a disease called osteomyelitis, it is a serious disease of the skeletal system. The disease is caused by infection in children that infiltrates the bones and destroys the joints. Treatment means months of antibiotics, after which the destroyed bones are replaced with prosthetic joints and then her body can grow normaly.

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