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Kassandra's Story

protv.ro: At only four years old, Kassandra has already met the burden of life. Her mother abandoned her and she became a burden for her grandmother. Without mercy she beat her until she broke her bones, burned her with a cigarette and almost left her to perish from hunger.

More dead than alive the baby arrived at the hospital and the doctors wanted to save her at any costs. They searched for family with a good soul, which would adopt her. The former glory of the Romanian national football team Iosif Rotariu and his wife adopted Kassandra. They try to make her forget the terror and the pain she went trough. Those moments left deep scars, Kassandra needs prostheses for her hips and hands which cost over 100.000 Euro.

"The Doctor told me that she was skin and bones, she went trough 24 surgeries with general anesthesia. In the hospital I heard that she was beaten and mistreated." declared Mrs. Dana Rotariu the adoptive mother of Kassandra.

Kasandra learned only now at the age of 4 what it means is to have a family who loves you and takes care of you. Dana Rotariu the wife of former football player and now coach of FC Timisoara loves her like her own child. She saved her from death when she took her from the hospital.

She who became the adoptive mother remembers having tears in her eyes when she saw, in the hospital bed, the little girl who begged her to take her home.

Kassandra suffers from a disease which grinds bones. The adoptive parents brought her to many hospitals outside of Romania where the girl underwent several major surgeries.

Kasandra now enjoys the company of her parents and her brother. She can finally enjoy the snow, the toys, and feel spoiled. This is the first year that Kassandra heard about Santa Claus and asked her mom Dana to write down her wishes.

Her adoptive family and the doctors who have treated her have sent requests to hospitals in all Europe, to find out where Kassandra can be operated.
The only problem is that the interventions, cost several tens of thousands of euro, money that her new parents are trying to gather.

If you want to help Kassandra, please donate:

RON Account: RO34BRDE360SV18398993600
Euro Account: RO70BRDE360SV80487003600
USD Account: RO29BRDE360SV96418133600
Owner: Daniela Liliana Rotariu

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Buna ziua, am aflat despre acest caz de curand si stiu ca pota ajuta acesta fetita sa se faca bine! Practic niste forme noi de terapie prin presopunctura si energoterapie care au dat rezultate foarte pune in diverse cazuri. Sper sa fiti de acord sa ajut acesta fetita sa se bucure de viata asa cum ar trebuii! Cand am aflat de acest caz am stiut ca nu este o intamplare si ca pot schimba viata acestui copil! Eu stau tot in Timisoara si ar fi minunat sa luati legatura cu mine pe acest nr de tel :0756869901

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